How To

  1. How do I register?   Online registration is for Houston County Libraries only.  We encourage you to register your child at home online at There will be one registration station available at each of the three Houston County library branches.  Pick up your child’s VRP Packet after registration.
  2. What does my child receive during Vacation Reading Program? Along with access to children’s books through the library and online with eRead Kids, Get Georgia Reading and GADD, weekly incentives will be awarded for bringing in reading logs. Take your child’s reading log to any Houston County Library for that week’s prize.   One prize per week will be given out.
  3. What about programs and events?   There will be no inside in-person programs or events scheduled this year.  There will be self-directed crafts to take home and outside activities for children to enjoy. 
  4. What is in a VRP Packet?   The VRP Packets contain a reading log and stickers, a bookmark and the above Informational Sheet.
  5. What do I do with the Reading Log?   Have your child put 1 sticker for each book read on the log sheet.  Bring the log back to any Houston County Library for that week’s prize. The log may be presented only once each week.