1. How do I register? Register your reader Online or go to your local library. Registering online is quick and easy and saves time. After registering your child or children, go to your selected library and pick up a Reader Packet. You will receive a confirmation email as a reminder. This registration is only for Houston County Libraries.
  2. What if I don’t want to register online? No problem! Registration forms can be taken home and filled out. Bring the form back and we will get your reader signed up.
  3. What is a Reader Packet? The Reader Packet holds everything you need to keep track of the books your child reads during the summer, along with a calendar of all the events for each library during the summer.
  4. Why should I track how many books my child reads? Reading gives your child the chance to earn prizes. Prizes include free food, puzzles and toys. Grand prizes will be awarded to a few lucky readers who complete their age level reading requirements. Restrictions apply so ask your librarian for more information.
  5. How do I keep track of how many books my child reads? Your Reader Packet has stickers and a sheet that your child marks to show how may books she or he has read. Take the sheet to your chosen library to earn prizes.