1. How do I register? Online registration is for Houston County Libraries only.  Register online at home at vrp.houpl.orgRegistration stations will be available at all 3 branch libraries to make registration quick and easy.
  2. What does my child get during Vacation Reading Program? Along with access to children’s books at all 3 Houston County Libraries and online, weekly prizes are received for bringing in reading and activity logs. Take your child’s reading or activity log to any Houston County Library for that week’s prize.  There are also events and programs for all ages to attend at all 3 libraries.  See the combined Events Calendar for more information.
  3. What is in a Reader Packet? The Reader Packet contains a reading or activity log with stickers and the combined Events Calendar.  
  4. What do I do with the Reading or Activity Log? Have your child put 1 sticker for each book read or activity completed on the log.  Bring the log back to any Houston County Library for that week’s prize. The log may be presented only once each week to any one of the three libraries.